UniSystem® Package Wastewater Treatment Plant


The standard UniSystem package plant is a rectangular tank consisting of an aeration chamber, hopper bottom clarifier, sludge holding tank, and chlorine disinfection chamber. Aeration Industries can supply painted carbon steel tankage or all of the internals and ancillary equipment for installation in concrete tanks. Treatment modules can be easily added to the design of the UniSystem depending on influent characteristics and effluent requirements. Treatment module options include a comminutor, flow equalization, denitrification equipment, filters, a membrane bioreactor, UV disinfection, post aeration, and phosphorus removal equipment.

UniSystem Design Advantages

  • Small footprint reduces land use and allows plant to be easily covered
  • Suitable for both municipal and industrial wastewater applications
  • Flow capacities from 5,000 to 500,000 gpd
  • Minimum operator attendance required
  • Minimum maintenance requirements