Understanding The Benefits Of Chlorination

Fletcher Roche, Product Manager at Evoqua Water Technologies, explains why chlorine gas is a safe and cost-effective disinfection solution.

The following is an excerpt from a Q&A with Water Online Radio. Click on the Radio Player above to hear the full interview.

Water Online Radio: What are the benefits of gas disinfection for today’s customer?

Fletcher: In a world that's concerned with byproducts in water, chlorine is a pure elemental disinfectant. It doesn't add any byproducts of its own, and it’s an economical and chemically pure solution.

Water Online Radio: What are the safety issues involved in shipping and handling chlorine gas and how do you address those?

Fletcher: It's a common understanding that chlorine is scary stuff. The reality is it's a chemical that's been polluted in its name by a lot of non-chlorine gas incidents. There are quite a few studies out there that have looked at reported chlorine leaks, but when they're analyzed, probably only twenty percent or less are actually element chlorine, compressed in bottles.

The rest is a misunderstanding of the danger of chlorine. The chlorine that's used in the waterworks industry is stored in relatively small containers, so we don't have the concerns over the volumes that are being moved by road. It's also being used in a very carefully controlled environment by well-trained employees. Yes, there will be incidents, but they're ready and prepared to respond with the right equipment.

Water Online Radio: In a crowded market, what is Evoqua doing to differentiate themselves in the marketplace?

Fletcher: We've got a lot of expertise and a massive back office of technical support. The last time we counted, we've got 500 dedicated staff, looking after purely disinfection solutions, including electric chlorination, UV and all the other normal technologies.

Water Online Radio: From a financial aspect, what is the economic case for using chlorine disinfection?

Fletcher: Particularly in this economic environment, we're working in a world where municipalities are having their budget allocations squeezed. In the past, they've looked to alternative technologies that have some advantages, but if you're really concerned with having the most effective treatment for the lowest cost per gallon treated, chlorine gas is superior to all the other alternatives…

Click on the Radio Player above to hear the full interview.