U.S Ambassador To Singapore: Every Water Tech Company Should Consider Doing Business In Southeast Asia


In a Water Online Radio first, a U.S ambassador is interviewed by Todd and Todd.  U.S. Ambassador to Singapore Kirk Wager flew in to talk economic opportunities between the U.S. and Southeast Asia. On his agenda:  convincing U.S. companies to bring their water technologies abroad.

“Right now, there are 525 million middle class people in Asia,” says Wager in the interview. “By 2030, that's going to be 2.7 billion. The one thing they need, more than anything else, is access to clean and safe water.”

Many U.S. companies don’t consider Southeast Asia as a market for their products, explains Wager. But the 3, 600 American businesses based in Singapore realize its value. The country has a strong commitment to the rule of law, transparency in business, good governance, and English is commonly spoken. Southeast Asia, when combined with neighboring Australia, is a $4.5 trillion dollar market.

Bringing together Singapore and American water technology businesses is something Wager is passionate about.

“I want to get this industry out there, because I'm proud of the technology,” he says. “I'm proud of what is made in America.”

To hear more of what the Ambassador has to say, click below for the full radio interview.

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