U Actuator- Automatic Control For Cylinder Valves

Source: JCS Industries Inc.

Model U

The Model U is an actuator system that can REMOTELY OPEN & CLOSE the valve on a chlorine or sulfur dioxide 150# cylinder or ton container.

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The Model U is designed to easily mount on 150# cylinders when dispensers, yokes, or other hardware are already installed on the valve. This actuator has the digital indicator, gearmotor, potentiometer, leak detector and pushbuttons in one enclosure. All other components are included in the Remote Control Panel (RCP). The Model U is also available for mounting to the 2000# containers.

The system includes a battery operated actuator with an electric motor that rotates the valve stem towards the open or closed position for alignment, tests and remote operation. The actuator is designed to mount without interfering with or
requiring yokes or additional adapters for dispensers or discharging hardware. The motor, gears and controls are assembled as one unit.


  • Battery operated with automatic charger
  • Optional integral leak detection for automatic shutdown
  • Remote control by leak detector, panic button, or other digital signals such as PLC or computer
  • Easy to mount or dismount to valve
  • Can be used on chlorine and sulfur dioxide 150#-cylinders or ton containers
  • Can be part of an automatic changeover system to permit only one container in service at a time
  • Eliminates the need for scrubbers in certain applications per the Uniform Fire Code


The system includes a remote power supply enclosure for trickle charge of the SLA batteries. Engaging the actuator can be accomplished by tilting the actuator, resting actuator on valve and repositioning to the same plane as the valve stem. Monitor and controls are accomplished with a microprocessor and integral LED displays for CLOSED, ALIGN, and OPEN. The LED display enables the operator to easily read the condition when mounted outdoors with bright sunlight. Programming is accomplished through an integral keypad. Valve position is transmitted to the microprocessor from a direct-coupled potentiometer and displayed in Degrees Open.

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