News | October 13, 2016

Twin Cities Based Great Water Tech Closes $386,000 Angel Round

Company will leverage German tested and proven technology to serve America’s critical water infrastructure needs

With America's water infrastructure aging and approaching a crisis, a Twin Cities start up has identified technology which has been proven for decades in Germany to extend the life cycle of drinking water infrastructure and improve the quality of tap water. Great Water Tech has currently closed a $386,000 seed round in less than seven days – poising it for a significant expansion into the U.S. market place.

"I've always been attracted to the idea of leveraging my expertise to do well while doing good," said Wolf Merker, CEO of Great Water Tech. "Our pipe protection products are safe and effective beyond anything available in the U.S. market. We are excited to bring real solutions to the folks on the front line of water systems across North America."

Folmar Pipe Protection is a minimally invasive mineral solution added to water as it flows from the drinking water facility. It provides an "ultra-thin liner" system while preventing corrosion and reducing friction throughout the system. The mineral coating separates the water from the pipe, eliminating quality threats such as copper, lead, and rust.

"Anytime new technologies solving real problems walk through our door, we get excited," said Patrick Rosenstiel, acting EVP Sales and Marketing. "When it's tied to hungry, smart leadership and proven science, we get heavily involved."

Rosenstiel is the founder of Ainsley Shea, a St. Paul based consultancy with offerings in Washington, D.C. and China. Ainsley Shea has taken early ownership interest in Recombinetics, Inc.; GeneSegues and now Great Water Tech.

About Great Water Tech
Great Water Tech is a water treatment technology company, with full rights to the use of Mösslein Wassertechnik’s products in the United States. Mösslein Wassertechnik’s Folmar Pipe Protection technology is now used in 20% of Germany’s water infrastructure, protecting their water consumers from contaminates in their drinking water.

Source: Great Water Tech