Tube Settler Systems


Brentwood tube settlers consist of a series of sloped, tubular channels and structural wave sheets that reduce settling distance and combine to form an increased effective settling area. Constructed of robust, yet lightweight PVC, the modules can be supported with minimal structures while maintaining tensile, flexural, and impact strength. Heavy duty sheets are available for high-load applications.

  • Precise assembly: Engineered for quality, tube settler sheets align to form uniform modules, evenly distributing load for maximum lifespan.
  • Stiffening ribs: Formed-in stiffening ribs strengthen flute openings for industry-leading weight-bearing capacity.
  • NSF certification: Modules are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for drinking water applications.
  • Trapezoidal flutes: Corrugated sheet forms dual-angle flutes that encourage sediment compaction, allowing even the finest floc to settle.
  • Wave sheets: Unique wave sheets align perfectly with corrugations on adjacent modules to provide even flute spacing and create a nesting effect.