Source: Bilfinger Water Technologies


A tube diffuser BIOFLEX® consists of a support tube with an inside thread and slotted sleeve membrane. Two hose clamps fasten the membrane onto the support tube and an O-seal is applied for sealing between the distribution pipe and the diffuser element. To avoid buoyancy the support tube is flooded. Tube diffusers are usually installed in pairs either by a pipe clamp fixed on a round tube serving as a distribution pipe or by a double nipple inserted into a rectangular tube. When air is supplied, it is directed through the head of the support tube under the membrane. Through the slots of the membrane the air is smoothly dispersed into the wastewater.

Bilfinger Water Technologies can supply different elastomers to suit your specific wastewater requirements. The most common material is EPDM, which has been successfully used for many years in municipal wastewater treatment. Particularly in industrial treatment silicone is used as a membrane material. Silicone membranes have a very smooth surface and a high resistance against wastewater that contains grease, oil and aromatic compounds. In both treatments TPU provides optimised oxygen transfer and a longer service life due to its improved physical characteristics. As plasticisers are not needed as a compound, the membranes are less affected by aging.

Key Features

  • High Oxygen Transfer Rate
  • Low Pressure Loss
  • Easy and Quick Assembly
  • Connection to all Pipe Systems
  • 20 Years of Experience