News | April 18, 2017

Truly Portable Handheld UV Transmittance Monitor From Sensorex


UVT-LED-H efficiently and accurately measures UV transmittance

The UVT-LED-H handheld UV transmittance monitor delivers fast and accurate UV transmittance readings in any applications employing UV disinfection. Its compact size and ease-of-use are equally well-suited to field measurements, lab use, and calibration verification of online UVT analyzers. An LED light source significantly reduces maintenance burden and environmental impact, with an extended service life.

The UVT-LED-H is the only currently available portable UV-transmittance monitor that is handheld. The ergonomic unit is simple to operate with a single push button, and the instant measurements can be read clearly on the backlit LED display. The UVT-LED-H verifies UV dosing and efficient operation of UV disinfection systems in municipal drinking water, wastewater, and other industrial water quality applications, such as food and beverage process water, as well as in quality testing labs associated with those applications.

The instrument’s highly efficient UV-C LED lamps are more stable, improving accuracy when compared to instruments with traditional mercury light sources. Additional benefits include zero warm up time and low battery consumption, taking up to 350 readings on a single charge.

The mercury-free UV-C LED light source extends sensor lifetime up to 5 times, compared to monitors using mercury lamps. It also significantly lowers operating expenses related to UVT monitoring by eliminating field serviceable parts and disposal of lamps containing environmentally harmful mercury.

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