Trident® HS Package Water Treatment Plant

Source: WesTech Engineering, Inc.

The Trident HS package water treatment plant provides multi-barrier protection for difficult-to-treat surface water, groundwater, industrial process water, and tertiary wastewater. The multi-barrier design of the Trident HS, which consists of packaged high-rate settling, adorption clarification, mixed media filtration and optional UV disinfection, is the latest improvement of the original Trident system.

Individually and collectively, the multiple treatment stages of the new Trident HS system maintain superior effluent performance.


  • Multi-barrier treatment protection
  • High rate clarification processes in series
  • Standard system designs for a wide range of flow conditions
  • Automatic operation and control
  • Tube Clarifier with integral sludge recirculation
  • Proven buoyant media clarifier
  • Corrosion resistant system components
  • A full suite of filtration products to complete your system


  • Reliable, simple treatment for difficult waters
  • Handles high turbidity and organic loads with ease
  • Modular expansion capability
  • TOC reductions 55% or more when combined with filtration
  • Reduced disinfection by-product precursors (DBPP) and helps meet THM and HAA regulations
  • Minimizes waste production and operator attention
  • Smaller Footprint compared to conventional equipment
  • The Trident® HSC Systems minimize size and cost and maximize efficiency and performance for difficult to treat waters


  • High turbidity and color applications
  • Variable influent water conditions
  • Wastewater phosphorus removal
  • Enhanced coagulation treatment
  • Cold water conditions