Trench Shoring Rental, Sales And Service

Source: BakerCorp

Maximum Safety With Minimum Hassle
With over 20 years of shoring experience, BakerCorp has the people, the equipment and the solutions you’ll want working on your job. From slide rail shoring, to steel and aluminum trench shields, to hydraulic shoring, BakerCorp has what you need to provide maximum safety on the jobsite with minimum hassle.

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From planning to installation and removal, our team of experts work with you to build an efficient shoring solution that matches the right equipment to the specific requirements of your project. 

Customized Shoring Solutions
When the scale of an excavation is outside what basic shoring systems can handle, we step in with expertise unmatched in the industry. Working with the customer and engineers, we can develop a shoring plan to meet the most demanding applications. When it comes to shoring and trench safety solutions, go with the expertise and know-how of an industry leader. BakerCorp.

BakerCorp Trench Shoring Products and Services

Slide Rail Systems

Aluminum Modular Shields

Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring

Steel Trench Shields

Steel Sheeting

Pipe Pullers

Bedding Boxes


Steel Road Plates

Competent Person and Trench Rescue Training