News Feature | October 9, 2017

Treatment Facility Employee Finds Body In Tulsa Reservoir

Sara Jerome

By Sara Jerome

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The body of a fisherman was found at the reservoir in Tulsa, OK, last month.

“The Tulsa Fire Department says they received a call about someone finding fishing equipment on the bank of the reservoir. The man's body was later recovered by the department,” KJRH reported.

“Eduard Loboda of Broken Arrow apparently fell in the Unruh Reservoir Monday morning, September 18, 2017. The 69-year-old man's body was recovered after someone spotted a hat and fishing gear in the water,” News On 6 reported.

“Officer Jeanne MacKenzie said evidence indicates Loboda was standing on a wet incline on a ledge. She said his feet apparently made skid marks as he presumably slipped into the water. An employee at a nearby water treatment facility called dispatchers and reported finding fishing gear at the edge of the reservoir and feet skid marks leading to the water,” Tulsa World reported.

The area near the reservoir is a popular place for walking and fishing, but it may pose safety hazards.

“Several people contacted News On 6 to say they had close calls after slipping into the water and being unable to get out without help,” the report said.

Todd Stockstill is among those who have experienced the risk. “You don't have many life or death moments, but that was definitely one. My number one,” he told News On 6.

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