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VTScada Configuration Course and VTScada Scripting Course.

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SCADA Software Operation & Configuration Course
This 4.5 day course uses a hands-on approach to teach the extensive capabilities of Trihedral’s Visual Tag System (VTScada) industrial monitoring and control software and of the VTScada SCADA telemetry toolset.

During the course, students develop a full-featured application under the guidance of the instructor. The application progresses with the course to assist students in applying each product feature as it is introduced. Topics covered range from basic drawing and manipulating objects on the screen to developing network based, multi-station applications with hot backup capabilities. Each course is limited to eight students.

Advanced Configuration & Programming Course
This 4.5 day course offers comprehensive training on the VTScada Script language used to customize Trihedral’s Visual Tag System (VTS) industrial monitoring and control software.

During the course, students learn the coding techniques and methodologies of VTScada Script, and apply this knowledge to realistic situations. The course covers a diverse set of topics, ranging from developing simple runtime script expressions to the creation of OEM layers with custom reusable objects. Special attention is given to debugging tools and techniques. Each course is limited to eight students.

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