News | April 22, 2022

TIGG Celebrating 45 Years In Business

TIGG is proud to celebrate 45 years in business.  In 1977, Don Tiggleback of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was a chemical engineer working for an activated carbon manufacturing company, when he decided to try to package activated carbon media in steel vessels and sell complete pre-engineered, easy to ship, ready to use activated carbon adsorber equipment. Don, realizing that not all customers have the same needs, bought a steel tank manufacturing plant in Arkansas so that he could custom engineer and manufacture tanks to suit different needs and also so he could guarantee the quality of the vessels being built. From this concept, and naming the company after his given nickname of “TIGG” Don created TIGG, LLC.  Now 45 years later, TIGG is an established provider of activated carbon adsorption systems, services, and rentals all over the world.