News | March 25, 2014

Three-Year Study Uses MAR Systems' Sorbster Media To Remove Harmful Metals From Snow-Removal Wastewater

As part of a statewide effort to create viable solutions for the handling of snow-removal wastewater created by Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) maintenance trucks, ODOT and the Office of Statewide Planning and Research recently published findings from a three-year study that used MAR Systems’ Sorbster media to remove harmful metal contaminants from ODOT truck wastewater.

The report will now be used to implement alternative wastewater management solutions for ODOT’s 88 county and 132 outpost garages across the state.

“Sorbster media continues to be recognized as both an affordable and effective option for addressing the serious issue of metal contamination in water,” said Missy Hayes, Vice President of Business Development, MAR Systems. “We were proud to be part of the University of Akron’s project for the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Office of Statewide Planning and Research to assist in the development of strategies that will allow the state to effectively manage snow removal wastewater and ultimately make Ohio water safer.”

MAR Systems’ Sorbster media was used in a series of tests that evaluated the effective removal of metal contaminants from snow removal wastewater. The Sorbster media was used in four trials with nearly 3,000 gallons of wastewater, testing the metal removal efficiency of the media, which was treated through a pilot unit of wastewater from a Stark County ODOT garage. The study found that MAR Systems' Sorbster media was effective at reducing the heavy metal concentration of wastewater. To view the entire report, visit

Developed in 2005, Sorbster media is a patented, proprietary material that removes mercury, selenium, arsenic and other metal contaminants from water. Made from highly engineered but readily available materials, Sorbster is a granular media that removes heavy metals from any aqueous stream. As contaminated water passes through Sorbster, mercury, arsenic and other metals chemically bond with the media for safe disposal.

“The Sorbster media technology can assist companies in achieving the strictest EPA standards by chemisorbing contaminants and creating a non-hazardous disposal option,” said Vice President of Sales Richard Lalama. “We were very pleased to assist the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Office of Statewide Planning and Research with this important study. As a company, we are excited to continue offering our patented Sorbster media to address the treatment needs of a diverse number of industry segments across a variety of metal contaminants.”

About MAR Systems, Inc
MAR Systems, Inc. is a privately owned, Ohio-based company that was established in 2005. As a result of the increasing presence of hazardous metal contaminants found in water, MAR Systems has developed patented, proprietary processes that remove mercury, arsenic and other heavy metals from industrial water streams through its Sorbster media. The Sorbster media works by chemisorbing the contaminants, thereby creating a non-hazardous disposal option, and has demonstrated success in numerous marketplaces. For more information, visit

Source: MAR Systems, Inc