Thermo Scientific Orion Chlorine XP Multiple Parameter Water Quality Analyzer

Source: Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Chlorine XP™ analyzer measures free, total, and combined chlorine, providing accurate, objective, and fast readings of chlorine in water. It minimizes the need for periodic calibrations and is compatible with all disinfectant processes. The Chlorine XP analyzer utilizes a DPD-based measurement technology that can be configured to use the least amount of reagents while maintaining utmost accuracy.

High Performance & Reliability

  • Proven accuracy and repeatability even in harsh sample conditions
  • 0-10 ppm measurement
  • Self zero calibration before each reading
  • 2 year warranty

Low Cost of Ownership

  • Free and total chlorine + pH, Temp in one analyzer
  • Low and customizable reagent consumption

Low Maintenance

  • Light source self calibration adjustment
  • Hands-free self cleansing of the photocell