Case Study

The Vortisand® System Reduces Medical Center's Cooling Tower Operating Costs By Replacing Centrifugal Separators

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The $500M 434,000 square-foot, 6-story hospital building houses 262 beds and the adjacent medical office building is housed in a 172,000 square-foot, 6-story structure. In order to provide cooling and energy services to the campus, a  3-story, 31,800 square-foot central utility plant was included in the design.

The central utility plant includes three 3,000 GPM cooling towers and one 1,500 GPM cooling tower with the option to upgrade if needed. This hospital is located about 50 to 75  feet from a freeway with all 4 cooling towers facing the thoroughfare, exposing itself to the dusty air and debris. Being a hospital, it is run 24/7, with three 8 hour maintenance shifts.