The ROSS™ - System Ceramic Membrane-Based Produced Water Treatment

Source: Veolia Water Technologies

Veolia's ROSS Technology generates high-quality water suitable for fracking operations with high system recovery rates that minimize liquid waste generated.

ROSS Technology is an effective method for treating produced water generated from Shale Oil Productions. This unique technology combines Multiflo high rate chemical softening process with CeraMem Ultra filtration technology to generate high quality water suitable for fracking operations

Key Benefits:

  • Effective removal of Scale Former's (hardness, silica, iron, barium, strontium)
  • Effective removal of Particulates (oil, solids, bacteria)
  • Absolute barrier to particulates, minimizing downstream carryover
  • High system recovery rates (>98%), minimizing liquid waste generated
  • Excellent thermal resistance (up to 210 F)
  • Compact Treatment System : 30% less space required than conventional approach
  • Package, Modular, Shop Fabricated Technology

ROSS Technology is offered in Mobile (up to 5,000 barrel/day) and Permanent Facility Configurations to suit producers onsite requirements