The Problem Every Utility Should Be Working To Fix

Source: Mueller Water Products

In areas with an abundance of water, leak detection isn’t always made a priority. But every utility should be working to reduce non-revenue water, says Marc Bracken, vice president and general manager of Echologics.

“I’ve heard in a focus group, ‘we have lots of water, so we'll just pump more,’” says Bracken in a recent interview with Water Online Radio. “But there’s a greenhouse gas effect on that, there's damage to infrastructure, there's premature aging of the system—there's so many other economic impacts other than water.”

Non-revenue water is a large problem in the industry. The average utility loses 20 to 30 percent of its water. In areas low on water this has an even bigger impact. Often, utilities in need turn to other solutions before considering leak detection technologies. That is a mistake, says Bracken.

“If somebody doesn't have enough water and they have to build a new plant, it's absolutely a given that leak detection is the first thing that you have to look at,” he explains to Water Online Radio. 

Echologics recently launched a cutting-edge leak detection solution. The EchoShore notifies utilities immediately about a problem leak via phone, text, or email 24/7. It can detect even the smallest leaks, and much, much more.

To learn more click the link below for the full Water Online Radio interview with Bracken.

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