News | January 7, 2014

The Newly Released H2F Vortisand Has Been Presented Through A Series Of International Conferences On Cross-flow Microsand Submicron Filtration Technology

H²F Vortisand

Sonitec-Vortisand inc., the worldwide leader in cross-flow microsand submicron filtration, has conducted a number of international conferences to present its newly released H²F Vortisand specifically designed for High Flow Rate applications.

C3 meeting in Doha, Qatar oct 6th
Where a large audience of district cooling operators, consultants and contractors were present for this introduction on the new H²F Vortisand.

World Watertech
Toronto, Canada  Oct 2013

Leaders from governments, regulators, water industry & Venture Capital Investors attended this North American event and discovered the new H²F Vortisand

Intercool Conferences
Abu Dhabi, Nov 27th & Dubai , Nov26th

Close to 100 consultants, MEP contractors and officials attended each one of the 2 presentations done in Dubai and Abu Dhabi late November during the Big 5 meeting. Sonitec-Vortisand was selected to conduct a technical training session on the H²F Vortisand during the exhibition Big 5.

Just like the original Vortisand product line, the H²F Vortisand offers these key competitive advantages:

  • Speed of 50m/h (5 x faster than regular Multi-media filters designed for high water quality)
  • Efficiently removes particles of less than 1µ (10 to 50 times smaller than traditional filters)
  • Water savings of  up to 50% during backwash vs. regular sand filters

When used in cooling systems:

  • Energy savings of 10%-20% on chillers operating cost
  • Chemical additives savings of up to 20% while improving their efficiency
  • Total operating cost up to 3 times lower than with solid separators or regular sand filters
  • Flow rate sample for side stream application is 2 to 5 x smaller than other filtration methods
  • LEED point(s) accumulation towards this certification on most applications

About Sonitec-Vortisand inc.
Sonitec-Vortisand inc. designs & manufactures a unique Cross-flow Microsand Submicron filtration system for industrial water polishing. As a worldwide leader in the field of high efficiency microsand filtration, Sonitec-Vortisand exports 85% of its production outside of Canada. Vortisand achieves very fine filtration (at a submicron level) at a high rate (50m/h) while using 50% less water for backwash compared to traditional sand filters. The Vortisand is widely used for cooling towers, district cooling chilled water, pre RO/DI, water reuse and other specialized polishing water applications.

SOURCE: Sonitec-Vortisand inc.