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The New Way Is Two-Way – Implementing A Revolutionary R450 System

Source: Neptune Technology Group Inc.

Located on Lake Michigan 12 miles north of downtown Chicago, Evanston was named in 1857 for one of the founders of renowned Northwestern University, which predated its surrounding municipality by a couple of years. “Dry” from its inception and the headquarters of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union since 1874, Evanston did not legalize sales of alcoholic beverages in restaurants until 1972. Yet in another sense, the city has been “wet” quite a while – having supplied water services to residents beginning in 1874 and filtered water since 1913.

Today, the City of Evanston comprises a total of 14,400 metered water services and a population of nearly 75,000 people within a 7.2 square-mile area. Of those services, 10,600 are single-family connections; 2,600 are multi-family; 1,000 are commercial; and the remaining 200 or so are split among light industry, parks, and schools.