The Mainstreaming Of Potable Reuse


With ever-growing demand for water resources, the reuse discussion has been building for years. More utilities are considering it, policy is being created around it, and new technologies are making it more efficient. To better understand the evolving landscape, Water Talk sat down with Brown and Caldwell's regional One Water leader, Allegra da Silva. She explains the importance of getting it right — "In potable reuse, if there are any errors made, we set our own industry back 10, 20, 30 years" — and how states and the federal government are taking steps to ensure safe systems. Technology is another huge part of the equation, da Silva explains, with sensors, AI, and machine learning being deployed "to make sure the processes we’re putting in place work 100 percent of the time." Tune in to learn more about how regulatory, technology, and public perception advances are set to bring potable reuse to the masses.