The Huber Service Edgesm

Source: Huber Technology, Inc.


As you consider various technologies for your wastewater treatment application, the cost of the equipment as well as proper sizing and implementation are a critical component in the decision making process. However, sometimes how the machine is cared for after installation is not as closely scrutinized as it should be and maybe overlooked. We would like to take a moment to discuss features of what we proudly identify as the Huber Service Edgesm. What we mean by this is; from the moment you make an initial inquiry through the entire useable service life of the equipment, Huber Technology is committed to support you through the entire lifecycle of the equipment. This is backed up by five generations of tradition that demands that we take care of you, our customer. This is something that I observe as severely lacking and much in demand in our industry today.

Our mission is to assure that you are provided with the best possible service to maintain your investment in our technology. We are accomplishing that for you by maintaining an on-call staff of highly trained service technicians. With a total of nine field service technicians; six full time field technicians that operate from our headquarters located in Huntersville, NC, one service technician based in the West, one service technician based in the Midwest, and one service technician based in the Northeast. We have dedicated service inspectors travelling 6 times a year visiting customers. Additionally, we rotate four experienced service technicians from our parent company always travelling and working in the United States.

This translates into a powerful resource available to you throughout the entire lifecycle of your equipment. In addition to our equipment startup and field repair services, we also provide preventative maintenance contracts as well as specialized installation assistance. This is the perfect solution for plant operations where staffing is at a premium. At our headquarters in North Carolina we maintain a full service repair and manufacturing facility. These resources we make available to you provide fast and effective solutions that get your Huber components up and running at peak efficiency.