The Growing Market For Membranes

Source: Veolia Water Technologies

Despite what many think, membrane systems are not complicated to operate, says Todd Hathaway of Kruger Inc.  In an interview with Water Online, Hathaway explains why taking the time to understand the technology is worthwhile.

“Coming out of your comfort zone is hard,” says Hathaway. “But this technology has been around for 20 years, 30 years, and it works. The systems are actually simple. They’re a lot more automated.”

The capital costs of membrane systems are higher than competing technologies, but in the long-term the system can actually save utilities money.  It requires little upkeep and everyday maintenance, so there is staffing savings.  Its cleaning system has also been designed to be efficient, using as little energy as possible.

With water scarcity becoming a growing issue in the Western U.S., Hathaway expects membranes to become even more in demand.  Membranes can be utilized with reverse osmosis (RO) systems as well as with brackish water—both applications that are critical to water reuse.

To learn more about membranes click the link below for the full Water Online interview.

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