The Future Of Water: Reuse, Energy-Efficient Technologies On The Horizon

Source: WesTech Engineering, Inc.

The U.S. should be paying attention to innovation happening in the water space worldwide, says Ryan Spanton of WesTech, in an interview with Water Online Radio.

Many places that are lacking in clean waters supply have found creative ways to extract, repurpose, and save water.

“You look at the Middle East and places where they don’t have any water and diesel is the biggest thing, and the U.S. is really behind where everybody else is,” Spanton says in the interview. “Those guys are pulling just huge amounts of water out and obviously getting the contaminants out using membranes and better systems to get even those smaller contaminants out.  They’re going to be on the forefront of what everybody sees in the future of water.”

Going forward, the water market needs to focus on technologies that are energy-efficient, and have the ability to extract and preserve valuable resources.

Desalination, water reuse, disinfection byproduct (DBPs) prevention, and nutrient removal technologies are also a focus at WesTech.

To learn more about what WesTech is doing to further the future of water click on the link to hear the entire Water Online Radio interview.