News | April 11, 2018

The F-461 Flowmeter Has No Metals In The Fluid Path

BlueWhite F-461 Flow Meter

There are no metals in the fluid path of F-461 Series inline Variable Area Flowmeters, making these units well suited for use in many ultrapure applications.

Constructed of tough, chemical resistant Polysulfone, F-461 flowmeters offer better resistance to high temperatures, pressures and a broad base of harsh chemicals, than many plastic flowmeters on the market.

The high capacity F-461 utilizes precisely engineered ridges molded into the meter body, which guide PTFE floats. Calibration range is 1 to 35 GPM/4 to 130 LPM and permanent direct reading scales are easy to read. The full scale accuracy is +/- 2.5%.

F-461 features Polysulfone 1” F/NPT fittings with FKM O-Rings and half union adapter connections. Socket fusion fittings are available.

Maximum fluid temperature is 210 degrees F at 0 PSI with PVDF adapters and 130 degrees F with PVC adapters. Maximum working pressure is 150 psig / 10.3 bar at 70 degrees F/ 21 degrees C. An optional splash shield is available.

Source: Blue-White Industries