White Paper

The Everyman's Guide To The Miraculous But Misunderstood ORP Sensor

Source: Aquametrix
Schematic of Oxidation Reduction

By Mark Spencer, Aquametrix

Everyone in the water and wastewater industry knows and measures pH. Conductivity is a concept we all readily grasp. Dissolved oxygen and free chlorine are easy to understand since they refer to actual chemicals.

But ORP is another matter. If you know that it stands for oxidation-reduction potential then you are already in a select minority. And if you can really explain what it means then you are eligible.

It’s precisely because ORP is so poorly understood that we sell about 8 pH sensors for every ORP sensor. Yet, if more people understood just how powerful this 3-letter parameter is we would triple our sales. There is a good chance that you may be one of the many who are missing out on the power hidden in an ORP measurement.