The Complexity Of Today's Water Challenges Spurs Innovation And Stewardship

Source: SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions
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Providing water and wastewater services to the world has never been more complex. Whether it be the evolution of resource recovery to reuse wastewater for indirect or direct potable purposes, or the financing packages being put together to support communities’ infrastructure needs, water and wastewater operations become more and more complicated.

Rich Henning, Senior Vice President of Communications with SUEZ North America, recently sat down with Water Talk to discuss the future of the water industry, one in which Henning sees opportunities for not only innovation but enhanced stewardship of the world’s most precious resource. 

In June, SUEZ made two commitments at the United Nations’ Ocean Conference in New York. The first was to improve oceanic water quality and aquatic life through the treatment of wastewater pollutants being returned to the oceans. And the second commitment was to unleash the power of its 83,000 employees across the world to participate in beach and river bank clean-ups to make sure plastics and other hazards are not making their way into the oceans.

To learn more about these commitments and how SUEZ is approaching some of the most complex challenges in the industry, listen here:

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