The CoMag® System for Enhanced Clarification

Proven to dramatically increase capacity performance and help to meet tightening regulations.

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The CoMag® System infuses magnetite as a weighing agent into conventional chemical floc, enhancing settling rates and increasing the performance of wastewater and water treatment facilities, while substantially reducing life-cycle costs. It's simple and reliable.

Primarily used to improve primary and/or tertiary treatment, the CoMag System easily integrates with planned or existing facilities, making it easier to solve today’s operational and environmental challenges.


The CoMag System competes effectively with all forms of media and membrane filtration and conventional clarification, and is proven effective for:

  • Primary treatment (Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment)
  • Tertiary treatment for polishing secondary effluent
  • Stormwater/CSO (combined sewer overflow)
  • Wet weather control
  • Recycle-reuse applications
  • Reverse Osmosis pretreatment
  • Drinking Water
  • Heavy Metals Removal