The Benefits Of Process Monitoring


Efficiency is the buzzword with utilities these days — there is little tolerance for wasted time, money, or water.

Bernie Beemster, president of ASA Analytics, details the benefits of process monitoring and process control for water and wastewater to Todd and Todd of Water Online Radio.

“Most of the time the equipment that we supply is connected to the process. We’re detecting some measured condition, and then the plant is using that information to open or close a valve, feed a chemical, or to initiate or end a process.”

Determining the process monitoring needs of a plant starts with three questions:

  1. What kinds of processes are they operating?
  2. What are their issues?
  3. What kinds of control points do they have?

From there, a monitoring plan is prescribed to improve the process, the product, and the bottom line.

The trend toward process monitoring, Beemster explains, is driven by regulations, economics, and the influx of a younger generation of operators that is more open to newer technology and automation.

Listen to the full interview for specific process monitoring applications and benefits, as well as further insight on industry trends.

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