DE NORA TETRA™ DeepBed™ Tertiary Filtration System

Source: De Nora

The DE NORA TETRA DeepBed tertiary filtration system is an economical solution for the removal of total suspended solids and total phosphorus.

The DE NORA TETRA™ DeepBed™ tertiary filtration systems have been used in municipal wastewater applications since 1960 to provide advanced wastewater treatment plant effluent that is safe and cost effective. TETRA DeepBed systems provide economical removal of total suspended solids (TSS) and removal of total phosphorus (TP) below 0.2 mg/l. TETRA DeepBed filters can easily meet <2 NTU or <5 mg/l TSS (<2 mg/l typical). Due to the filter’s high loading capacity, the percent of dirty backwash water return is less than 4% (<2% typical) of the plant’s forward flow.