News | June 9, 2014

TerraVerde Report Shows Water Is Undervalued Asset For Investors

TerraVerde Capital Management LLC, a leading investment management firm focused on sustainable infrastructure, clean tech and renewable energy today announced a comprehensive report titled, “Water Scarcity and Opportunity: Investing in a Thirsty Planet.”  

The TerraVerde report provides in-depth analysis of global water supply and demand dynamics, climate trends and aging infrastructure to identify investment opportunities focused on increasing supply, improving efficiency and helping to curtail consumption.

Key perspectives within the TerraVerde report include:

  • Statistics about global demand, water scarcity and overuse
  • Cost of Infrastructure
  • Economic value of assets at risk due to water-related disasters
  • Increased demand for efficiency-related products including smart water meters, in-home treatment systems and drought resistant seed varieties
  • Factors impacting water prices
  • Proposed spending initiatives to overhaul water systems in California and Texas

“Water is quite possibly the most misunderstood and mispriced asset on the planet,” commented Richard Bookbinder, managing member of TerraVerde Capital Management. “Most investors are unaware that the Global Water Index has outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 87%, or 6% per year since December 2003,” continued Bookbinder. “The demand for infrastructure upgrades and continued climate trends will drive growth opportunities.”  

Moreover, the report cites the price of water related assets may rise due to physical scarcity, infrastructure spending and new regulatory requirements.

Download the TerraVerde Report with INFOGRAPHIC

  • TerraVerde Capital Management 15-page report, “Water Scarcity and Opportunity: Investing in a Thirsty Planet”
  • Top Eye-Opening Facts about Water for Investors [INFOGRAPHIC]

About TerraVerde Capital Management
TerraVerde Capital Management LLC is a New York-based investment management firm that specializes in sustainable infrastructure including power, water, agriculture, transportation, telecomm and waste management.

The firm evaluates global trends in population growth, resource volatility, and climate change to achieve superior risk/ adjusted returns.

TerraVerde Capital Partners LP is a hedge fund of funds created in July 2009 for accredited investors looking to capitalize on the seismic shift caused by population growth, resource scarcity and infrastructure degradation. For more information, visit

SOURCE: TerraVerde Capital Management