Brochure | March 27, 2019

Temperature Measurement Thermometers And Transmitters For The Process Industry

Source: Endress+Hauser, Inc.

Its expansive, globally available portfolio of standard thermometers, temperature transmitters and engineered solutions makes Endress+Hauser one of the leading international complete providers of temperature measuring technology for process automation. The large vertical range of production and the high degree of in-house development, ranging from primary sensors and electronics to customized special solutions, make a crucial difference here.

As a reliable and close partner for our customers, we utilize our wealth of product and solution expertise to develop innovative products that produce excellent customer benefits. These products include the world's first self-calibrating thermometer iTHERM TrustSens and unique inserts such as the iTHERM QuickSens and StrongSens, excellent temperature transmitters like the iTEMP TMT162 - SIL2/3 and even multi-point solutions for 2D/3D measurements in digesters. As your expert partner in all issues related to temperature measuring technology, we make a crucial contribution to making your processes more reliable and efficient and increasing the quality of the end products.