Brochure | September 14, 2016

TECON Biogas Storage System Brochure

Source: SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions

The TECON double membrane gasholder is used for any application that needs gas storage such as municipal wastewater treatment plants with anaerobic digestion, landfills with biogas usage, industrial wastewater treatment plants, agricultural energy recovery facilities, etc. The TECON gasholder may be mounted on the ground typically in the form of a ¾ sphere, or mounted on the top of an anaerobic digester or tank functioning as a durable tank cover and storage vessel.

The double membrane gasholder consists of an outer and inner membrane. The outer membrane is the protection layer and is always under a pressure to withstand wind and snow loads, no matter climate extremes. The inner membrane expands and contracts beneath the outer membrane according to gas generation and usage. If the gasholder is ground-mounted on a concrete foundation, there is a third, bottom membrane which seals the gas storage to the foundation. Every gas holder is designed in conformance with the strictest European and U.S. standards (e.g. materials of construction, structural design, storage capacity, snow load, wind load, operating pressure, fire resistance). Also all membrane gasholders are custom designed and manufactured in accordance with the specific project requirements for size, configuration (e.g. dome, rectangular, square, donut, ¾ sphere) and strength using high-quality PVC coated polyester fabrics. Product design and manufacturing principles place a priority on system safety, reliability and control simplicity.

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