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Tank Rental And Pump Rental Company BakerCorp Helps Rebuild History And Heal A Nation

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Five years after the events of September 11th, signs of healing and a return to normalcy can be seen in the heart of New York City as a rebuild of the World Trade Center quickly gets underway. This past December, thousands of New Yorkers flocked to Battery Park to sign a steel beam that was later installed during a downtown ceremony. It was the first in a series of beams that will ultimately make up the iconic Freedom Tower being built on the site. “Today the steel rises, the Freedom Tower rises from the ashes of September 11th and the people of New York and the people of America can be proud,” said New York Governor George Pataki during the ceremony.

To create the foundation for this much-anticipated rebuild, Treviicos Corporation, a geotechnical and foundation contractor, began work this past January on a slurry wall to surround the tower site and ultimately support the ground on which it will stand. It is building the wall, which will stretch three by five blocks and cover more than 20 acres, by injecting a slurry mix 130 feet into the ground and digging a 4-foot-wide trench.

Partnering With The Best

With such a sizable and historical project on the line, Treviicos needed just the right partner to help make it happen. So last year Treviicos turned to BakerCorp for the equipment needed to mix and pump out the slurry mix for the World Trade Center project. This included 10 large tanks with modifications and 8-inch pumps with special emissions reducers that are required to operate diesel engines in New York.

Armed with the knowledge, equipment and service to get the job done right and a commitment to go above and beyond in every step of the process, BakerCorp brought added value to the project. “Since Treviicos’ needs for the project were somewhat complex and the tanks would require a high level of modification, BakerCorp built a mock job site on location at the branch,” said Area Sales Representative Chris Stifnagle. “The mock job site gave Treviicos the opportunity to see the system first-hand before making the actual equipment delivery,” added Stifnagle.

Delivering On The BakerCorp Promise

To successfully create such a site, BakerCorp tapped into its extensive resources and expertise. Its Tank Division provided all of the tanks, while its Pump Division handled the exact special emissions reducer—also called a DCL oxidation catalyst because of its ability to convert carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water—needed for the job. In addition, the reducer had to stand straight up on the pump, so BakerCorp shortened the pump’s exhaust pipe by about 8 inches to avoid any height issues before making the delivery.

Then, during a three-day window before delivery day to the World Trade Center job site, BakerCorp used this equipment to quickly and accurately create the mock site. It was customized according to Treviicos’ exact project specifications, including all required tank modifications. “We make modifications to tanks all the time for our customers, but this really called for out-of-the-box thinking and intense planning,” explains Operations Manager Keith Lewis.

Since all BakerCorp tanks are different heights and sizes, for example, they had to be lined up exactly not only by height, but also from front to back. Then, two 6-inch grooved victaulic nipples that are required by New York had to be precisely welded onto the top of each tank so that they lined up in a perfect row to make the pipe fitters’ job easy on the job site.

Once all modifications were complete and the tanks were in position at the mock site, the equipment had to be moved to the World Trade Center and set up according to the same specifications. BakerCorp’s drivers navigated the equipment through the busy streets of Manhattan, passing through extensive security stops as they approached and entered the job site. There, the tanks were positioned in the same order that they were set up back at the mock site so that the nipples on top were once again perfectly in sync. BakerCorp also hand-delivered the pump with the reducer to the site to ensure it reached the right place at the right time.

Enjoying The Rewards That Come With Hard Work

The World Trade Center project is an excellent example of what’s possible when two organizations—that share the same commitment to quality and service—partner. And while a winning partnership is a reward in itself, both BakerCorp and Treviicos also have the satisfaction of knowing they are part of a historic rebuild. Together, they helped to create the foundation on which, come 2011, the Freedom Tower will stand tall in New York.

“We go above and beyond for all of our customers every day to provide exceptional products and service—it’s just the BakerCorp way,” says Newark Branch Manager Bill Lapinski. “But there was something extra special about doing it for a project that is not just important to the people of New York, but to Americans in general.”

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SOURCE: BakerCorp