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Taking Inspiration From Nature, Aquaporin's Water Purification Technology Saves Energy While Delivering High-Quality Water

London (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Every industry in the world relies on water; it is the one market that is guaranteed to still be around in many centuries to come.

Valued today at around $800bn, the water purification market is one of the biggest in the world, second only to oil and energy. Now, a newly developed technology is poised to transform the market.

Water purification firm Aquaporin has developed a method powered by a Nobel Prize-winning discovery.

Speaking exclusively to European CEO, Peter Holme Jensen, the Co-founder and CEO of Aquaporin, explained that the system is based around nature’s own innovation. A natural protein called the aquaporin water channel effectively filtrates water in all living cells.

Aquaporin combined that protein with artificial membranes to develop water purifiers that save energy and deliver high-quality water.

What began as an idea 15 years ago following Peter Agre’s Nobel Prize for the discovery of the aquaporin water channel now brings together scientific fields from biophysics to plumbing. Together with Co-founder Morten Jensen, Aquaporin was created to reuse nature’s own method of filtering water.

The firm’s two products include a household water purifier targeted at countries such as China or India – a market that is growing by around 16 percent every year – and a new technology that purifies water through a forward osmosis process, which uses no energy. While this innovative product targets an emerging market, it has the potential to allow companies to build more intelligent water treatment systems.

For Jensen’s pivotal work in the field, he has been awarded Best CEO in the Water Purification Industry in the 2018 European CEO Awards.

To find out more about Aquaporin, the water purification system that is based on billions of years of evolution, check out an exclusive video interview with Peter Holme Jensen and European CEO at

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SOURCE: European CEO