Taking Advantage Of The 'Opportunity Of A Lifetime' In Water

Source: Xylem

If you're of the mind that the water industry is staid and stagnant, watch this interview with Xylem's Joe Vesey to have your mind changed. Vesey, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer with Xylem, describes the "massive disruption, massive change, [and] massive value creation" happening broadly across society and business, promising that it's also "going to happen in water." At Xylem, it has already begun.

Vesey notes how technology advancements, particularly digitalization, can be leveraged to improve sustainability and save money vs. conventional solutions. As a case in point, he shares the story of how Xylem helped South Bend, IN, address combined sewer overflows while saving $500 million. He also describes Xylem's partnership with the Premier League's Manchester City Football Club (or "Man City"), resulting in increased public awareness of water issues — and a new beer. Learn more by clicking below.