News | December 6, 2018

Take A Virtual Tour Of A Rotary Drum Thickener (ThickTech™) In A New Parkson Corporation Video

Parkson Corporation- Separation & Biological Processes

Follow the route of sludge as it gets thickened throughout the wastewater treatment process

Parkson Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the latest video which takes viewers on a virtual tour of the ThickTech™ Rotary Drum Thickener (RDT), a system used to thicken and dewater sludge during the water / wastewater treatment process.

The video, “Rotary Drum Thickener Virtual Tour (ThickTech)," provides a different perspective on the sludge thickening process and explains how various features combine to make the ThickTech the best option for low polymer usage and the highest capture rates of 98% or more.

In this process, the sludge is first mixed with a polymer, and after sufficient residence time to build up proper flocculation, is distributed from a headbox into a rotating drum where it turns and flips to release water through a woven wire mesh surface.

The video takes you on a tour from the floc tank, through the drum, to the drain pan and out the discharge chute. You'll learn what roles split augers and the screening material have on capture rates and how to quickly tell if you're "blinding" or if polymer dosage needs to be increased.

Polymer is essential to thickening and its usage represents the majority of a rotary drum thickener's lifecycle cost, approximately 80-90%. Therefore, it's important for an RDT to be efficient throughout in order to minimize cost. The ThickTech's woven wire mesh screen, which has small openings and covers a large open area, is just one of the many features ideal for efficient separation and thickening.

To learn more, watch the video and browse Parkson’s YouTube channel for additional educational videos. Be sure to subscribe, share, comment and look for more videos to come. For any additional information, please contact Lydia Ebert at

About Parkson Corporation:
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Source: Parkson Corporation