News | January 17, 2014

Syrinix Unveils New Brand Identity

Syrinix, an award winning leader in developing intelligent pipeline monitoring technologies, recently officially launched its new brand identity, inclusive of corporate logo, evolved message platform, re-designed website and a more vibrant corporate colour palette.

The new brand identity represents a significant development in Syrinix’s overall look and message. Following a period of extensive investment and developmentboth in the UK and overseas, Syrinix felt an updated brand identity and website were appropriate to better reflect its growth.

Commenting on the new brand identity, James Dunning, CEO at Syrinix explains, “The original Syrinx logo has certainly served us well. However, we felt that following a very successful year in both new business and product development, the time was right to deliver an even stronger brand identity and online presence to communicate Syrinix’s core focus of ‘Intelligent Pipeline Monitoring technologies’.  We believe the new brand and updated functionality of the new website better represents the strength and advancements of our technologies, the evolution of our products, and our dedication to our partnerships within the global utility sector. This new direction for Syrinix reflects our focus on the core qualities that differentiate us from our competitors and in our commitment to leading innovation.”

The new website which launches recently, will increase Syrinix’s online presence both in the UK and globally. The website better communicates advanced product features and proven case studies,alongside a dedicated client interface platform, RADAR, an acronym for Real time Analysis of Data and Asset Risk. RADAR provides clients with real time data fromSyrinix’s advanced hardware deployed in the field.

About Syrinix
Syrinix was founded in 2004 and is an award winning leader in developing intelligent pipeline monitoring technology. Its products have a growing reputation for their ability to improve the risk management of water pipelines and to help utilities move their network management from reactive to active on a highly cost-effective basis. For more information, visit

Real time monitoring for active risk management
Syrinix’s TrunkMinder provides automated monitoring, including highly sensitive leak detection and location for high consequence and critical larger diameter (9”/225mm) supply pipelines

Pressure Transient Mitigation

Syrinix’s TransientMinder monitors for and immediately notifies the occurrence of damaging pressure transient (‘water hammer’) events.

SOURCE: Syrinix