News | August 30, 2012

Sunshine Helps Bring Clean Drinking Water To Third World Countries

Soluxe Solar awards Solar Flare to Swedish solar water purifier

Darien, CT /PRNewswire/ -- One sixth of the world's population live in remote locations or third world countries where they have never had access to clean drinking water placing them at risk for death from bacterial diseases like cholera, dysentery and typhoid.  All of that may be changing soon however due to a remarkable new Swedish jerrycan which purifies water using only sunshine.

The Solvatten, a Swedish-designed water purifier can transform dirty water in to safe, clean drinking water in a matter of hours using nothing but the power of the sun.  

The solar water purifier is being honored this week by Soluxe Solar, a Connecticut based solar company, with their Solar Flare; a weekly award honoring companies, individuals or programs helping advance the solar cause.

"The Solvatten purifier is a perfect example of the power of solar to improve, and in this case, potentially save lives," says Soluxe Solar CEO Jeffrey Mayer.  "This is exactly the kind of exciting innovation we want to recognize and help promote through our Solar Flare award. "

The Solvatten has two 5-liter compartments, each of which has a clear face.  When each compartment is exposed to the sun the water is heated to a pathogen-killing level of 130 degrees Fahrenheit.  The purifier has an indicator light that changes from red to green when the water is safe to drink and typically does its work in 3 to 4 hours.

The solar company announces its weekly "Solar Flare" honoree on the company's Facebook page, and website,  For a more in depth view of the Solvatten solar purifier visit


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Source: Soluxe Solar

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