Submersible Recirculation Pumps Type ABS XRCP


The submersible recirculation pump type ABS XRCP is a compact and easy-to-handle pump with a wide range of applications.

Features and benefits

Premium Efficiency motors

  • Guarantee the lowest possible energy consumption
  • Reduce the operating temperature, extending the product life

Maintenance-free bearings

  • Lubricated for life
  • Operating lifetime that exceeds 100’000 hours

Robust integrated gearbox

  • Secure efficient pumping
  • Standard on the XRCP 800PA
  • Fully integrated cartridge box available also in stainless steel executions

Pre-loaded upper bearing for XRCP 250 to XRCP 500

  • Prevents spinning even in massive rag loaded applications with high turbulence
  • Eliminates backlash by design, the attached spring always ensures a smooth operation
  • Extends bearing life

Large rotor shaft

  • Minimize deflection due to “increased” shaft diameter and stronger bearing set up

Sealed connection chamber with quick-connection block

  • Simplifies maintenance by reducing the number of nuts, washers, ferrules etc.
  • Safeguards the motor
  • Ensures reliability because of separated chambers between motor and connection chamber

Seal systems

  • Include a dependable, triple-seal system
  • Feature dual oil chambers, to safeguard the motor
  • Offer enhanced protection to keep the mechanical seal clog-free and extend its life

Enhanced mechanical seal protection system

  • Keeps the mechanical seal clog-free
  • Greatly extends the life of the seal

Optimized stainless steel propeller

  • Ensures the highest possible performance
  • Reduces maintenance through self-cleaning

Multiple moisture sensor (DI) seal monitoring

  • Secures full protection of motor and gearbox

TCS (Thermo Control System)

  • Provides a warning and switches off the motor, if necessary, to prevent overheating

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