News | April 24, 2015

Submersible Pumps Flying Off Shelves In Anticipation Of Rainy Season

Distributor of submersible pumps in Perth reveals why they are so popular among homeowners, wastewater operators and mining operations.

For many of us in the Perth area, rainy season means flooding. Unfortunately, flood water doesn’t just flow away from homes, especially those that are low-lying. In many cases, a pump is needed to rid a home of flood water. The kind of pump that works the best is a submersible pump.

Submersible pumps are used for many purposes. Besides being used to dewater homes, they can also be used for slurry and sewage. They are popular for many mining and wastewater industry applications.

Submersible pumps are pumps that can be submersed in water with no ill effect. The pump motor is inside a hermetically sealed housing that protects the motor and the electrical input cord.

Submersible pumps work better for dewatering than other types of pumps for a number of reasons. The first is that they are self-priming. The pump is already submersed, meaning that whenever there is water that needs to be moved, the pump is already primed.

Submersible pumps turn rotary energy into kinetic energy. The impeller then pushes the water through direct contact. This is much more efficient than a vacuum pump because it is more efficient to push water through direct force than it is to pull it into a vacuum. This allows a submersible pump to work faster and last longer.

In many submersible pumps, such as those in the Tsurumi LB series, the pump has electrodes that sense water level and turn the pump on and off. That allows a homeowner to set a Tsurumi pump in a flooded area, knowing it will turn off automatically when the job is done.

Mike Hurlbatt is the owner of Pump Solutions Australasia, a firm in Perth that sells pumps to everyone from homeowners to major corporations. According to Mr Hurlbatt:

“Rainy season can represent a challenge for everyone from mine operators to restaurant owners to homeowners. We carry numerous pumps from numerous companies and we have found the Tsurumi brand to be the best of the lot for submersible pumps. For home and light industrial use, our favourite is the Tsurumi LB General Dewatering Pump.”

Mr Hurlbatt continued, “The Tsurumi LB has a lot of features that make it great for emergency use, especially in rainy season. It is light and designed for use in tight spaces, but it is very powerful. It has some great features, too. It has electrodes that sense water levels, turning the pump on and off to save power and prevent dry running. The hose coupling at the top is multi-directional and can be pointed horizontally or vertically. This allows the pump to be aimed in any direction and provides maximum flexibility and versatility.”

Mr Hurlbatt concluded, “For homeowners, the Tsurumi LB is the perfect dewatering pump. For larger operations, it is great as a backup or for more pumping power in emergencies.”

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