Article | February 19, 2014

Straining To Make Diaphragm Operated Automatic Control Valves Effective

Source: Singer Valve Inc

By Brad Clarke,VP Sales and Marketing, Singer Valve

Diaphragm Operated Automatic Control Valves (ACVs) require reasonably clean water to function effectively and reliably.  Having a strainer upstream of the actual ACV is very important, but also having a smaller strainer located at the inlet of the pilot system on the ACV is also well advised.

Strainers are required on the upstream piping to keep debris out of the automatic control valve. Often with new construction, maintenance and upstream pipe bursts a variety of contaminants and foreign objects can be introduced into the pipe line. Since ACVs (often pressure reducing valves but other models as well) are often partially open while controlling flow or pressure, a restriction in the line  can become a choking point for debris if no upstream strainer is present.