Video | July 30, 2015

Stickney Phosphorus Reactor Lift

Construction of the world’s largest phosphorus recovery facility continues at our Stickney Water Reclamation Plant [update: now completed and online]. On July 22, one of three reactors was lifted, rotated and placed into the building. This time-lapse video shows a portion of the process which required approximately 50 minutes to complete. Phosphorus is a non-renewable resource essential for life and is estimated to be gone from reserves within 100 years. Most of it is sourced from rock mines and must be transported considerable distances. Similar to nitrogen, excess phosphorus discharged to waterways can contribute to water quality problems. Due to be completed in 2016, the Stickney phosphorus recovery facility will have the potential to recover 2.3 million pounds per year of usable phosphorus to the economy in a high quality, slow-release form, which can be sold in stores and used in fertilizers.