News | July 21, 2014

Steel Toe Group Announces New Wastewater System Now Available In The United States

Steel Toe Group is pleased to announce that negotiations have been completed with S.I.D.E. Industrie of France to assign Steel Toe as the first Authorized Distributor for the DIP System. This patented, proven Lift Station wastewater system is known for the ability to operate with great efficiency without the need for a wet well. This will eliminate the inherent problems occurring with current systems such as concrete corrosion, corroding metal materials, protecting pumps from influent debris, unforgiving calculations on requirements, energy consumption, pump station appearance, surge protection, costs to rehabilitate existing stations, odor control, grit deposition, and trash removal.

 As there is no wet well, as used today, the storing of accumulations of raw sewage until levels require a pump down no longer has to exist. The neighbors will no longer have odors to contend with.  As the system handles the trash and debris that is forced down toilets, and has pumps that are automatically self-cleaning, there is no need for collection baskets, bar screens and rakes, or other additional equipment to cut or grind debris into smaller pieces. The labor of trash hauling and cleaning of the wet well is no longer needed. There are no more clogged pumps to be raised, cleaned, and reset.

There are currently over 1,100 of the DIP Systems operating in France alone, and in places like Disneyland Paris. DIP Systems’ factory provides a monitoring system 24/7 to assure operator satisfaction. As mentioned earlier, the pumps automatically clean themselves but can be totally operated remotely by the factory or the operator on even a smart phone.

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Source: Steel Toe Group