Steel Mix Tank


Learn about the Steel Mix Tanks that provide thorough mixing, agitation, and circulation of stored liquids with other products in a steel mix tank. 

IRONCLAD’s steel mix tanks blend, agitate, and circulate stored liquids with other products. Each mixer is controlled separately to meet your project’s specific needs, whether it’s treating wastewater, slurry maintenance, sludge control, or another application.

These Mix Tanks Provide:

  • 17,630-gallon (420 BBL) capacity 
  • Electrically-powered mixers
  • Individual control for each mixer
  • Single electrical junction box
  • 22″ front stairs with folding handrails
  • Valves and manways for quick cleaning


  • Blending of fracturing fluids in various oil and exploration applications
  • Uniform chemical distribution and agitation in the treatment of wastewater
  • Slurry maintenance and sludge control before further treatment of liquid

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