Steel Mini Frac Tank


Steel Mini Frac Tank rentals are perfect for smaller sites where space is limited. 

The Steel Mini Frac Tank is a great answer for jobs where space is limited. Offering the same versatility and durability as its larger steel tank cousin but with half the footprint.

These Steel Mini Frac Tanks Provide:

  • Up to 200 bbl capacity
  • Top panels with stiffening ribs and 2 non-sealable hatches with hinged lids
  • V-bottom or flat floor
  • One 3″ fill line
  • Two 22″ manways, front and passenger side rear
  • 4″ butterfly valve, front and rear
  • Front- and rear-mounted ladders for top access
  • Carboline Phenoline® 310 interior liner (two-part epoxy) to minimum 15-mil dry film thickness


  • Temporary storage of water and a variety of other fluids, including non-corrosive chemicals, diesel fuel, and oils
  • Chemical plants, paper mills, petroleum refineries, and municipal projects, including wastewater treatment plants
  • Oil spill cleanup, ocean or river dredging, or other projects requiring the use of a barge

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