Spectroquant® Test Kits – The Photometric "Peace Of Mind" Package

Source: MilliporeSigma

Ready-to-Use Test Kits, Standards & Photometers for Certified Precision: your requirement for quality and ease-of-use, met with automatically recognized test kits, appropriate reference materials and photometers.

Achieve accurate and reliable results with chemical consumables of certified quality with the full range of Spectroquant® Test Kits. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of analytical test kits and reference standards for your water and environmental analysis.

Spectroquant® Reagent Test Kits contain all reagents for your photometric analyses and can be used with any existing cuvettes of various pathlengths, e.g. 10 mm rectangular cells.

Spectroquant® Cell Test Kits are ready-to-use 16 mm round cells pre-filled with reagents. No further cuvette is needed.

The barcode of the kit enables seamless use with a Supelco® photometer (e.g. PROVE). If you already have another photometer in your lab, but nevertheless want to benefit from our outstanding quality, you may also use the kits with either calibration data provided by us or use your own.

To create your own calibration procedure, or to check your analytical system, we also offer a broad range of ready-to-use photometric reference materials for the concentration range you need.

To comply with ISO 17025 regulations, you need a comprehensive quality certification and documentation, this is provided with batch specific certificates for our range of test kits and reference materials.

Everything you need for your photometric quality assurance from our extensive range of Supelco® analytical products. For further details please check