Spectroquant® Prove Spectrophotometer

Spectroquant Prove Spectrophotometer

Simplify water analysis with a new class of spectrophotometers.

Spectroquant® Prove product series

Spectroquant® Prove 100

For routine applications
Prove 100 is the best choice for those who primarily use our broad range of Spectroquant® test kits, or only perform Vis measurements. High quality and great value for money for your daily analyses.

Spectroquant® Prove 300

For sensitive measurements
Thanks to its long-lasting xenon lamp, Prove 300 is ideal for more intensive use. What’s more, it is capable of both UV and Vis measurements, so you have greater flexibility for more intricate analyses.

Spectroquant® Prove 600

For complex analyses
Designed for high-end UV/Vis optics, and cuvettes of up to 100 mm, Prove 600 packs great power into a compact size. Excellent resolution and sensitivity for use with test kits, complex kinetics or spectral measurements.

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