SP4 Strainpress – Inline Sludge Screen

Source: Huber Technology, Inc.


The STRAINPRESS® is a horizontal pipe-shaped coarse material separator which consists of inlet and driving zone, screening and press zone and finally a discharge section with a conical pressure regulating device. The coarse material is separated continuously under pressure and periodical cleaning of the screening zone by backwashing is not required.

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Advantages of SP4 Strainpress – Inline Sludge Screen

  • It is the ideal completion of waste water screening with big bar spacings, non-retained solids are removed from the sludge.
  • No second pump is required for the screened sludge owing to the closed and compact in-line system.
  • The STRAINPRESS®-system can be integrated in a closed pipeline system.
  • Continuous coarse material separation under pressure with a loss of pressure between 0.4 and 0.6 bar
  • Screening, dewatering and transport of the coarse material in one operation.
  • Washing off sludge or backwashing is not necessary.
  • The horizontally moveable screw can be re-adjusted toensure continuously perfect screen cleaning.
  • Fully-automatic continuous or intermittent operation.
  • Little space required, easy subsequent installation into the pipeline.
  • Insensitive to varying feed volumes or coarse material structures
  • The automatic pressure requlating conus ensures uniform dewatering even with strongly varying coarse material quality and concentration.
  • When handling sludges with heavily varying DS and coarse material content, the pressing screw starts to work in dependence of the operating pressure (filter cake resistance).

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