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Southern Nevada On The Cutting Edge Of Household Leak Detection And Water Monitoring

Local Water Authority Helps Homeowners Conserve Water and Save Money with Rebates on New Technologies

Las Vegas, NV and Henderson, NV /PRNewswire/ - The greater Las Vegas region is now on the cutting edge of household leak detection and water monitoring technologies, thanks to a new rebate program provided by the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

"As the driest state in the nation, expanding our incentive programs to include home leak detection technology provides Southern Nevada residents with more tools for efficient water use," said Doug Bennett, conservation manager for the Southern Nevada Water Authority.

With that in mind, the Southern Nevada Water Authority is rolling out the rebate program this spring, with 50 percent savings on emerging technologies designed to put the power of real-time water usage monitoring in the hands of homeowners.

"This is a game changer for anyone who cares about the costs of their water consumption," said Joe Fazio, VP of business development for Flume, Inc., makers of one of the rebated devices. "You no longer have to wait for your water bill to know where you stand, and you no longer have to worry about leaks going undetected."

Household Leaks and Water Usage Finally Revealed
Flume is one of the first innovators to move into the household water monitoring space, uniquely offering indoor and outdoor home water monitoring with a patent-pending device that easily straps over the existing water meter—no pipe cutting or plumbers needed.

"Until now, the only thing you knew about your water usage was all after the fact, via a monthly water bill," said Eric Adler, co-founder and CEO of Flume, Inc. "People say it feels magical to finally unlock this information—to see exactly what you are using, detect leaks, set budgets and gain peace of mind."

Flume allows homeowners to (1) accurately track their daily water use both inside the house and across outdoor irrigation systems; (2) detect small unknown leaks before they inflate water bills and cause damage; and (3) receive real-time alerts on suspicious water activities while away from home.

Flume's real-time water data is delivered to users via a free companion app available on Apple iOS and Android devices. There are no subscription fees to use Flume.

The Flume Home Water Sensor was invented by Adler and two fellow California graduate students who were inspired by the recent drought to create a new technology that would be a win-win for homeowners and the environment.

Rebate for Southern Nevada Residents
Flume Home Water Sensor now costs just $99.50 for local residents who redeem the exclusive rebate.

The rebate for the Flume Home Water Sensor is now in effect for residents of Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City and unincorporated Clark County.

Rebate availability is limited on a first-come basis. See below for rebate links.

Rebate Details:
What: Flume Home Water Sensor

Rebated Cost: $99.50 (50% savings)

Get the SNWA rebated Flume:

Flume SNWA rebate FAQ:

Southern Nevada Water Authority rebate page:

Flume™ is a first-of-its-kind device that puts the power of daily water use monitoring into the hands of homeowners. The Flume™ home water sensor straps around a home's water meter, providing intelligent leak detection and real-time water usage via the dedicated mobile app. The Flume™ home water sensor installs easily—no need to cut any pipes. Learn more at

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